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Baby Doses



Many people ask whether herbals can be given to infants and very young children.


The answer is yes.  You can figure the dosage according to the age of the child.



Use one drop per year of life: a two year old’s dose would then be two (2) drops.



Infants can be given 1 drop of herbal diluted in 10 drops of warm water.



One drop usually suffices, but babies over twenty pounds can be given

 two drops of the solution.



This can go right into the baby’s bottle or it can be rubbed on the gums and

inside their mouth, it is well absorbed in this way.



Always dilute the herbals you are giving to children.



You can evaporate the alcohol by diluting the appropriate dose in hot water

(allowing to cool before administering).



Or you can mix the herbal with fruit juice. Apple juice is recommended, as it is not as acidic as citrus juices.

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