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Aloe Vera Juice - Amazing & Tastes Good!

Aloe Vera Juice


“If Aloe Vera were to be discovered today, and its remarkable healing properties investigated it would be hailed as the wonder drug of  this century” according to Dr. Ivan Danhof  Ph.d, MD.

Aloe Contains Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Agents Called Plant Sterols

Plant sterols, like steroid drugs, have an anti-inflammatory effect. However, steroids inhibit the healing of tissue. Aloe Vera does just the opposite - it promotes healing!

Aloe Vera Contains an Aspirin Like Substance

The salicylic acid found naturally in Aloe disrupts the production of inflammation causing prostaglandin hormones. Unlike aspirin, Aloe vera does not hurt your stomach or digestion - it helps it.

Aloe Vera Breaks Down
the Inflammatory Chemical Bradykinin
 Aloe vera contains the enzyme "bradykinase", which breaks down the pain causing chemical bradykinin.

Aloe Vera Has a COX-2 Inhibiting Effect
Researchers in
Mexico found that Aloe vera inhibits COX-2, another enzyme that causes inflammation.

Aloe Vera Improves Protein Absorption
Poor absorption of proteins creates food remnants. Your body views
them as a threat and it seeks "protection" through inflammation. Aloe vera helps your body cut down on these "false alarms" that result in needless inflammation.

Aloe "Polysaccharides" Remove Toxic Waste
Aloe Vera helps
the immune system remove toxins.

This has an anti-inflammatory benefit.

Aloe Vera Squashes Inflammation Causing Free Radicals
Aloe is a powerful antioxidant. It mops up excess free radicals or "pro-oxidants" before
they can cause swelling and damage joints.

Aloe Vera soothes the Gastrointestinal Tract

Aloe Vera supports healthy Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Aloe Vera is said to have anti-Diabetic Activity


Aloe Vera may help prevent Kidney Stones


Aloe Vera  boosts the Potency of Your Other Vitamins




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