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The benefits are evident.

 "Allergytime" is Back!  

by Robert Levert

If you are an allergy sufferer, you might feel desperate and think the only avenue is to avoid or destroy nature. The problem doesn't lie with nature and animals surrounding you, but with your internal physical nature.

Spring is in its blooming beauty. Nature is filled with colour and scents. This is my favourite time of the year. Obviously, I'm not suffering from allergies. But if you are, you might feel desperate and think the only avenue is to avoid or destroy nature. If you're allergic to a cat, please don't kill the cat. The problem doesn't lie with nature and animals surrounding you, but with your internal physical nature. The answer to your problem is not Claritin or any of the other antihistamine drugs available over the counter!

Pollen, as well as dust and animal dander can trigger symptoms including itchy eyes, itchy nose and throat, coughing, and sneezing. Some 30 million North Americans suffer from hay fever, the most widespread form of allergy, and an estimated one-fifth of the Western Hemisphere's population suffers from allergies.

Medical doctors would describe an allergy as being an abnormal reaction by the immune system to a substance that is usually not harmful. On the other hand, a herbalist or natural health practitioner would describe an allergy as the inability of the liver to neutralize certain substances that build up within the body and eventually trigger an immune reaction. A substance that the immune system recognizes as foreign to the body is often referred to as an antigen. As these antigens accumulate within the body, in such places as the lymph, intestinal tract, liver, and spleen, the immune system is continually working to rid the system of the foreign substances. Therefore, the person may suffer increasingly from allergic symptoms.

There are two approaches to any disease: the symptomatic approach as advocated by conventional medicine, and the holistic approach as advocated by natural medicine. The symptomatic approach emphasizes the use of drugs to eliminate the symptoms. Eliminating the symptoms is just like cutting the wire to the fire alarm system while the fire is raging.

Conventional medicine views the body as the passive recipient of treatments that "fix" it. Natural medicine views the body as capable of self-repair and administers treatments to support self-healing. The holistic approach emphasizes good eating habits, exercise, herbs, vitamins and minerals that work on the root or cause of the problem while also alleviating the symptoms.

Nature's Sunshine provides a wide variety of great quality natural products including herbs, vitamins and minerals to help any allergy sufferer deal with the cause of the problem and alleviate the symptoms. Start with a general body cleanse (Bod-E-Klenz or Tiao He Pak); be sure to cleanse the liver (LIV-A, LIV-C or LIV-J); support the liver (LIV-Gd or BP-C); keep the bowels moving (LBS II and Psyllium Combination); cleanse the respiratory tract (AL-C, AL-J); support the respiratory system (LH-C); support the immune system (LYM-Mx, IMM-C or Cat's Claw Combination). SN-X and Formula Chi with Ephedra (read the caution before using it) are excellent decongestants. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, a natural antihistamine, helps protect the body from allergens and moderates the inflammatory response. Avoid dairy products and meat for a while and notice how you feel. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Your body is not a trash can. You can't just go on accumulating waste material and spraying pesticides in the trash can hoping to resolve the problem. The pests will come back unless you clean the trash can thoroughly. The same applies to your body!

I am always appalled at campaigns to eradicate ragweed on the premises that ragweed is responsible for the sufferings of millions of people. What a sham! Nature was not meant to be a threat to mankind. Nature is our greatest asset when we treat it right, as well as our bodies!

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